Don Zella Open To Rekindle Romance With Big Eye, Reveals Why She Has Been Abusing Him | WATCH VIDEO

August 6, 2020

Controversial US-based Ugandan socialite, Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella is open to rekindle romance with former lover, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye.

Don Zella and Big Eye dated for 5 years and bitterly parted ways in 2005. Don Zella accused Big Eye of battering and disrespecting her.

Since then, the relationship went sour and the pair started trading abuses.

Last month, Don Zella took to YouTube and cursed Big Eye that he will suffer until he dies. She also vowed never to show him where she buried their twins arguing that the ‘Indicator’ singer felt sweet on her the day she suffered miscarriage in hospital.

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She also told Big Eye that he is not the father to her son, Britton Musuuza and threatened to drag him to court if he dares post him again on social media.

She did all this because of anger.

Yesterday, Don Zella called Big Eye and told him that all she wants is him to say sorry to her. Don Zella revealed that she did a lot for Big Eye but she feels he has never appreciated her.

“I was watching your interview with Faridah Nakazibwe and you never mentioned me anywhere in your journey yet i did a lot for you. This made me angry. I want you to find peace in your heart and tell me please forgive me, this will bring peace in my heart because you wronged me”, Don Zella told Big Eye.

Don Zella told Big Eye that she feels bad when she sees him suffering.

“I want to start sending you good prayers because i can’t deceive you that i have been wishing you good. We shared a lot in five years and you also know that. These are baby steps, think about it and ask me for forgiveness”, Don Zella added.

An attentive Big Eye who was humble on phone thanked Don Zella for the effort and said he was emotional and didn’t know what to say.

Watch the video below: