DJ Roja speaks about flopped Dubai purple party

March 14, 2023

NBS After5 presenter and Dejaay Roger Kitaka also known as DJ Roja has spoken about the Dubai purple party.

Purple party is a show owned by his fellow workmate Douglas Lwanga and it has been on for some few years.

However, it has been around Uganda in different regions. Different artistes have performed at purple party hence making it bigger.

Like any other business, when it gets bigger the owner will want to expand it and take it to another level. For Douglas Lwanga he decided to take purple party in Dubai.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him like it has been working in Uganda. People didn’t attend it completely even no photos from the event were shared.

Douglas and people who were their didn’t say anything about the party but DJ Roja has finally said something about it.

According to DJ Roja, as the crew they went to Dubai to promote Ugandan music but not to make money.

Even if people didn’t attend, DJ Roja believes they did what had taken them their and they came back very happy.

“We went to Dubai to promote Ugandan music, we did not go there to make money,” DJ Roja said