DJ Jacob Omutuzze shocks Ugandans With Daughter’s virginity saga

March 2, 2024

Media personality DJ Jacob Omutuzze has shocked Ugandans with his daughter’s virginity saga.

He said he checks it every month to make sure it is their because he doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of his daughter.

DJ Jacob Omutuzze said he has personally been through a lot while growing up. When she got the daughter’s mother pregnant he had to full take responsibility of his actions.

He said his daughter known as Melisa knows him as a father and mother at the same time. They are even very close more of best friends.

According to DJ Jacob Omutuzze, he told the daughter that once she loses her virginity she will no longer be his responsibility.

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He said the daughter knows that once she loses the virginity the man who has slept with her will be the one to start taking care of her.

DJ Jacob Omutuzze said he doesn’t joke when it comes to his daughter and he doesn’t want anyone to think they can take advantage of her being raised by single father.

“I don’t want anyone to take advantage of my daughter I told her how important virginity is and if she loses it I will not take care of her any more,”