DJ Jacob Omutuzze jealousy about Doreen Nansasira, warns Bajjo against dating her

November 30, 2023

Events promoter Andrew Alfonso Mukasa also known as Bajjo is all about dating radio presenter beautiful Doreen Nansasira.

But DJ Jacob Omutuzze is not giving him a chance to even shoot his shots as he is already feeling jealousy about it.

Doreen Nansasira and DJ Jacob Omutuzze are said to have dated at one point of their life although they decided to call it quits and become best friends.

He has been so over protective towards her and making sure she is dating the right person who will not break her heart.

As Doreen Nansasira was celebrating her birthday, Bajjo came out and revealed that he has feelin’ for her.

He said he is willing to do whatever it takes to just be with her and he wants Doreen to ask for whatever she wants.

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But Bajjo himself has been involved in love scandals where he has been accused of not supporting some of his baby mamas.

According to DJ Jacob Omutuzze, Doreen Nansasira is very classy and he doesn’t see her dating a guy like Bajjo.

He told Bajjo to go look for ladies of his level and leave Doreen Nansasira to attract men of her type not someone like him.

“Bajjo Alfonso has zero percent chance of winning Doreen’s heart. I know the type of men Doreen Nansasira can date and Bajjo is not among them,” – Jacob Omutuuze