Divorced Shonga Wants To Reduce The Number Of Unmarried Women, To Visit Sasha Brighton’s Parents – WATCH VIDEO

March 4, 2020

Herbert Habib Shonga has confirmed he is soon visiting Nannozi Joweria popularly known as Sasha Brighton Kalungi’s parents in Luweero.

His move comes weeks after divorcing wife Dorothy.

Herbert and Dorothy ended their 15-years of marriage by signing divorce papers on February 27th.

In February 2019, Dorothy served Herbert divorce papers accusing him of infidelity disclosing that for 15 years she saw him sleeping with maids and thought he would change but in vain.

She also revealed Herbert is a sex maniac with insatiable sex libido and can’t go two days without having sex.

Herbert Shonga and former wife, Dorothy Shonga

Before divorce, Herbert had abandoned Dorothy and three kids in Malawi, moved to Uganda and settled with Sasha Brighton.

Herbert says he wants to reduce the number of unmarried women in Uganda and thats why he has decided to to do Nika and legalise her relationship with Sasha Brighton.

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