Disappointed Panga Wielding Thugs Raid Ofwono Opondo’s Home, Steal 30k

September 11, 2020

Police in Mukono District are investigating a case in which an unconfirmed number of machete-wielding assailants are said to have raided the home of the government Spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo on Thursday evening.

Opondo was appearing on a late night television show when he reportedly received information that his family back in Mukono was under attack.

“My home in Nasuuti said to be under attack by unknown assailants. I’m out of home and lost contact with family members,” Mr Ofwono tweeted.

This morning police released preliminary findings and revealed that two thugs armed with machetes, wearing masks accessed the house using the main gate which was not locked.

They found Opondo’s wife, Jane Nalukwago Opondo and his daughters watching TV.

“They broke the wardrobes of the master bedroom and took 30,000 which was in the handbag of Jane Opondo. They also took her small black Nokia phone”, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Luke Oyesigire said.

The thugs took advantage of electricity load shedding to raid Opondos’s home.

Nobody was injured.