Chosen Becky Speaks About Her Rumoured Pregnancy

June 14, 2024

Singer Chosen Becky real name Kwikiriza Rebecca has spoken about her rumoured pregnancy of baby number four.

She said it is a rumor that she is hearing on social media and doesn’t know anything about.

Chosen Becky is a mother of three children from two different men. She welcomed the first child while still in high school and due to that she dropped out of school.

When she joined the music industry she told the media that she wasn’t actually a mother, she was still young to figure out life and what it will bring to her.

But she later revealed to the world that she was actually a mother but she had no contact with the father of her son as he ignored her and the child at a very young age.

Chosen Becky Warns Aroma About Texting Her Baby Daddy

Chosen Becky started dating another guy of which she got pregnant and welcomed her second child with the new boyfriend social media blogger Dictator Amir.

Eight months ago Chosen Becky welcomed her third child and she is rumoured to be pregnant again with the fourth child.

She denied the allegations she said it is just a rumour making rounds on social media.

“Mwe , I heard mbu am pregnant 🤔

Is it true ?,” Chosen Becky