Diamond Platnumz Speaks Out For The First Time Since Tanasha Donna Break Up

March 5, 2020

East Africa’s Simba, Diamond Platnumz was set to address a much anticipated press conference yesterday, but to the disappointment of many.

Platnumz had taken to his social media to announce the presser, that would take place at Serena hotel in Dar es Salaam in the afternoon.

His status read:

Kila mtu na story yake! Unataka kujua ya kwangu?

According to many, this pretty much meant he was going to give his own side of the story about the crude split with Tanasha.

Journalists turned up in large numbers waiting to get the gist from the horses’ mouth. Only for it to turn out as a brand ambassadorial deal he had landed with Coral paints.

However, he compared himself with Coral paints, saying there is no struggle in getting people to fall in love with him.

Just like he is loved, so is Coral paints.

“Uzuri wa kitu kinachopendwa yaani kama mimi ninavyopendwa ndivyo Coral Paint inavyopendwa. Kwa hivyo, sio kitu cha kutaka kutumia nguvu. Hivyo basi, wewe utaona tu mimi na system yangu ndio vitu ambavyo tunatumia”.


He went ahead to clarify that the women who fall in love with him, do so because they identify good things and desire to have them.

However, none of them is whipped or commanded to fall in love with him, it is pretty voluntary. This is despite the fact that they know how ´dangerous´ the music star is.

“Hawa kina dada wenyewe vitu vizuri wanavijua bwana kwani unafikiria walishikiwa fimbo kumpenda Diamond? Walijua bwana huyu mtu hatari”

Diamond however failed to directly address his breakup with baby mama, Tanasha Donna during the presser.

The press insisted but Diamond only gave them a cold shoulder.