Diamond Platnumz Ex-Lover, Wema Sepetu Signs Mega Deal

May 6, 2020

Wema Sepetu is back with a bang! After disappearing from the Entertainment scene for close to 2 years, Ms Wema Sepetu appears to be ready to take back what was hers!

So far she not only runs a boutique but also a cooking show that has landed her a new job with Rose Gold. The 29 year old earlier today shared the good news through her Instagram page; confirming that she is now the new ambassador to the popular company known for its food and spices.

Ninayo furaha kutangaza Rasmi kuwa Mimi ni Brand Ambassador wa RedGold na pia RedGold ndo Sponsor wetu wa kwanza kabisa kwenye kipindi chetu pendwa cha Cook with Wema Sepetu kinachoruka kupitia Application yangu…

Although this is not the first time Wema Sepetu is bagging such jobs; one can tell that she was indeed happy and grateful to be part of RoseGold.

In the past, the lass managed to work with several big companies that her brand grow overnight.

Rumor also has it that Wema was the main boost behind Diamond Platnumz; as she helped build his career by dating him back in 2012 to 2014. She however refuses to take credit for this – but of course those who have been following her for the past few years know the truth.

Coming back to the entertainment scene despite everything she went through also proves that Wema Sepetu is how mature enough to handle pressure from social media; and unlike back in 2014, she will not be risking her career by entertaining scandals and petty fights on social media.

The year is however still young so we cannot say much about her new character; but hopefully this time around Wema Sepetu will be making wise choices to save the brand she has been building all these years!

Wema Sepetu