Crying Baby, Chris Evans Happy, Thanks God After Seeing Beat FM’s Mukunja In Trouble With Ex-Lover, Nambala

May 13, 2020

Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi is happy and had to than God after seeing Beat FM presenter, Mukunja in trouble with ex-lover Ameria Nambala.

Mukunja went public and demanded DNA results claiming that a kid Nambala has does not belong to him.

Mukunja who was dating and doing business with Nambala for 9 years claims he lent her 20m and wants it back.

Mukunja and Nambala broke up and the latter now stays in Kiteezi with a new lover.




After hearing the scuffle, Chris Evans went on national television and thanked God to see Mukunja crying to get his money back from Nambala, saying he deserves it.

Chris Evans says when he was still an upcoming artiste, Mukunja came and gave him a deal for three shows; at Sunset, Afronica-Kasangati and Broadway, Entebbe and agreed 3m.

He says he pleaded with him to add him money but Mukunja refused.

“My problem with Mukunja, I was so happy to see Mukunja crying for money they stole from him that came from my show. That man bought me at 3m for three shows at Sunset, Afronica-Kasangati and Broadway, Entebbe. By that time i had started singing with two songs; Rihanna and Ndikusasulaki not knowing i had become big and people loved me”, chris Evans said.

“He came, fooled and offered me 3m for all the three shows. I pleaded with him and asked him to add me money and refused. By the time we reached at Sunset, the place was full, even other shows sold out and chased revelers”, Evans added.

After the shows, Evans  said Mukunja  boarded his car with Ameria and left with huge sums of money.

Watch Chris Evans happy about Mukunja’s troubles below: