Country Lake Resort – Garuga, Nyenge Resort Swallowed By Lake Victoria – WATCH VIDEO | PICTURES

April 28, 2020

The famous luxurious Country Lake Resort in Garuga, Entebbe has been swallowed up by angry Lake Victoria.

Being close to the lake, the walls protecting the resort were weakened by water and fell in allowing water to flood the ground.

With the rising volumes of water in Lake Victoria, many people living on the  showers have been hugely affected and government are planning to resettle them to safer areas.

Most hotels and resorts on the showers have been flooded and rains are just starting as warned by The Uganda National Meteorological Authority.

Watch Country Lake Resort – Garuga situation below:

Nyenge Resort on the showers of Lake Victoria could be gone for good as the water levels swallowed most of its land.

Ggaba Beach Hotel has also been reclaimed by Lake Victoria waters.

Pictures of the current situation at Country Lake Resort in Garuga:


Current situation at Nyenge Resort: