CORONAVIRUS: Positive Cases Rise To 53, Museveni Bans Outdoor Exercising

April 8, 2020

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Uganda have reached 53, President Museveni has said.

“Today, 214 samples were tested for COVID-19 and one person tested positive bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Uganda to 53,”the president said on Wednesday while addressing the nation .

Museveni applauded the members of the public who have heeded to the guidelines put in place by government whom he said have enabled the country combat the spread of the deadly pandemic to a certain level.

“I want to thank people for responding well because if they hadn’t, I don’t know where we would be. However, there are some actors that play with fire but they should stop.”

Museveni said government is currently assessing the impact of measures on the spread of the pandemic to see if they are lessened but he said he was happy the country is moving in the right direction in the fight against the virus.

“If we had not acted in time, I don’t know where we would be now. We are still assessing the effect and we don’t want to rush too quickly to celebrate that we have succeeded. We are monitoring the results which may not be conclusive but showing some success,” he said.

In related development, president Museveni has also banned exercise outside.

Addressing the nation this evening, the president said jogging sessions should stop with immediate effect.

“You must have discipline. You must stop this carefree type of life.There should be no exercising in public. Do it in your compound and room,”Museveni said.

The president said no one should be seen jogging again outside their home.

The ban on day time outdoor exercise follows a surge in the number of people on various roads especially in upscale parts of the city jogging.

Throughout the world, there are 1,452,379 confirmed coronavirus cases, 308,757 have recovered but 83,615 have succumbed to the deadly virus.

The US with 404,580 cases is leading in the world whereas on the African continent, South Africa at 1,715 tops.

In the region, Kenya has 179, Rwanda 105, Uganda 53 and Tanzania at 24 cases.