CONNED! Tanasha Donna Loses Car Diamond Patnumz Gave Her As A Gift On Her Birthday

March 13, 2020

Diamond Platinumz close friend, Juma Lokole, has revealed that car gifted to Tanasha during her expensive birthday belonged to Sandra Sanura Kassim (Diamond Platnumz’s mum).

Lokole was responding to a question on why Tanasha did not leave with the car after her break with the bongo star.

Watch the video of cars below:


Speaking during an interview with Wasafi TV, he dismissed rumours that the Toyota Prado was on sale saying that Diamond is not one to sell his property.

“The car is still there. Why should it be sold? Naseeb is not one to sell his property,” he said.


According to Lokole, the former radio presenter had no right to leave with the car on her return journey. He disclosed that the car was not hers and it belonged to Diamond’s mum and it was only for show off during the highly publicised birthday party. “Why should Tanasha leave with the car? The car belongs to Mama Dangote. In fact all the cars,” he added.

Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama, Tanasha Donna, recently proved that it is never a dull moment with her Instagram fans. This is after the singer hilariously responded to a fan who questioned her recent posts asking if she had turned into a poet.

The mother of one had made a simple post which triggered the question from the fan. In her post, Tanasha had quoted the wise words from reggae legendary, Bob Marley saying she has come to conquer and not to bow.

As if offended by the fan who asked if she had turned into a poet, the singer gave a savage response saying she had also turned into a motivational speaker. After her break up with bongo star, Diamond Platinumz, the former radio presenter has been sharing a lot of inspiration quotes online.