Confusion At Radio 4 As Anna Talia Oze Tactically Resigns

January 8, 2020

NBS TV ‘UnCut’ presenter, Nambooze Annet a.k.a Anna Talia Oze has tactically resigned from Radio 4.

We reported how the manager of the Ntinda-based station terminated the contracts of DJ Eddy Grey, Anna Talia, and Immy Candace on Monday and were supposed to stop working on January 6th.

It is rumoured that the manager fired the trio abruptly and Anna Talia didn’t take it lightly.

Anna Talia Ozze presenting on Radio 4

Today, she took to her Facebook page and posted that she won’t be able to work this Saturday on ‘Sato Vako’ show which she does with Eddy Grey. Looking at things, Anna Talia has resigned and she might not go back.

“2020 has got me take on new challenges that I will soon share with you🙈. For that reason I will not be able to host Sato Vako every weekend like it has been. Wabula Obwana obusunsuzi @Haffy @Dayearsee @EddyGray etc buli ready okubasunsula everyday so Tune 103.3 Ensunsuzi”, Anna Talia posted on her Facebook page.