Comedian, Optional Allan Squeezed By Thugs, Robbed Clean

February 14, 2020

Comedian Allan Kibuuka a.k.a Optional Allan yesterday night survived death by whisker after panga wielding Boda Boda thugs  rounded him off.

Allan stopped a Boda Boda at UMA Grounds entrance and negotiated a fare, as they approached somewhere in Naguru he saw other two Boda Bodas approaching, that’s when his rider pretended as if his bike got fault.

Within no minute the two Bodas rounded him off, pulled out knives and squeezed his balls.

A scared Allan pleaded to them not to hurt him as he reached for his wallet, watch and phone and handed them over.

After a well behaved Allan handed over property, they sped off living him in the middle of nowhere.

Alan is now ruled out of bonking action for a week.