Clever J reveals Why He Didn’t Bury His Mum And Hits Back At Lil Pazo -WATCH VIDEO

February 28, 2020

Earlier this week, Clever J’s dad, Mzee Bukenya revealed that his son refused to bury his mum and also didn’t come to check on her when she was bid ridden.

He said Clever J’s mum died bitter having pleaded to see his son but all in vain.

While appearing on interview today, Clever J said he didn’t refuse to bury his mum deliberately but was stuck with work.

He said as a person who was jailed before, he knows how jail stinks and didn’t want to go back.

He revealed that by the time his mum died, he had signed a contract with music promoters to go and perform and the exact day they called to tell him about the sad news about his mum’s death, he was on bus going to work.

Clever J says he decided to continue with work and prayed for his mum to rest in peace.

Clever J also advised Lil Pazo to always use the chance he gets. He argued they both have two hands and doesn’t see reason why the battle can’t happen.

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