Clever J Releases Gospel Song Titled ‘Njagala Kuba Nawe – LISTEN TO AUDIO AND WATCH VIDEO

April 27, 2020
Clever J

Clever J

Clever J is striving to get back on the scene and has released a gospel song titled ‘Njagala Kuba Nawe’!

Clever J rose to fame in 2006 with hit songs such as Manzi Wa Nani and Ensi Yaleta but later disappeared off the scene in 2010. He has been trying to surviving by laying bricks in Buloba.

Now he is back with ‘Njagala Kuba Nawe’. Clever J says in times of trouble, God is the way to truth and life and revealed how people betrayed him but God uplifted him.

“I have enemies who follow me, put barricades on my way and want me to go back to suffering but you have refused”, Clever J sings.

Click on the link below to listen and download free audio:

Clever J also hinted on the pandemic Covid-19 which is disorganizing the word and says whenever such problems come, he goes on his knees and pray.

Watch video below: