Clever J Demands SB4 Media Pay Him Or Face Consequences

February 26, 2020

Singer Gerald Mayanja aka Clever J wants SB4 Media to pay him some money or face consequences.

Clever J betrayed and sacked SB4 Media last week after bringing him back on the music scene.

He appointed controversial, Lukwago Deus popularly known as ‘Munamasaka’, who is now acting as his new manager.

Without appreciation, Clever J nows demands SB4 Media pays him part of the money he made from his interviews on YouTube.

He says he has helped SB4 media to make lots of dime but shocked to see him complaining.

It should be remembered that Clever J disappeared from the music scene in 201o and resorted to brick making in Kataluko village- Buloba.

SB4 Media managed to track him down and exposed him to Ugandans who have managed to give him a helping hand.

His exposure has also helped Clever J get back on stage and also reconcile with cousin brother, Jose Chameleone after 1o years of not seeing eye to eye.