City Slay Queen Claims To Have Bedded Banina And Bruno K

April 29, 2020

City slay queen Kayitesi Mercy Havens (Facebook names) is claiming to have chewed Banina and Bruno K thanks to masturbation.

In the Facebook post, Kayitesi revealed that it’s only through masturbation that she gets the chance to have sex with the celebrities whom she lusts for.

She mentioned the likes of Banina, Allan Toniks, Tekno (Nigeria), and Bruno K, revealing that she has sex with them three times.

Banina Brothers

“Masturbation gives us a chance to have sex with people like Banina, Toniks, Tekno Kati last night nalide  Bruno K UG emirundi esatu ….


Bruno K managed to land on the post and rushed to share the screenshot on his Twitter account but we can’t tell whether he has plans of helping the slay queen physically.


Bruno K is crushing on Faridah Nakazibwe and Lydia Jazmine.

It is worldly known that most men and Women, use masturbation to please themselves sexually but doctors warn it’s too dangerous and has side effects.