Cindy Sanyu still adamant about appreciating Sheebah for the battle

September 29, 2023

Cindy, Sheebah,

Talented former Blue*3 singer Cindy Sanyu is still adamant about appreciating Sheebah Kalungi for a music battle they had.

The battle took place mid September 15tg 2023 at Kololo airstrip grounds. It was organized by Victoria University under Sheebah’s yolo festival.

Sheebah was very proud that she gave Cindy a come back to the industry. She had taken a break for focus on her family and also give birth.

On returning she immediately accepted to battle Sheebah and it was a very huge milestone because the concert was successful.

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After the concert ended, Sheebah went to her social media platforms and thanked everyone that was involved in the battle.

She even went ahead to thank Cindy Sanyu for bringing her A Game and making the battle vibrant to the fans that were interested.

But Cindy didn’t do the same to appreciate Sheebah on her social media platforms. She said the singer didn’t do anything for her.

According to Cindy everyone should thank Victoria University because those are the people that made the battle happen but not Sheebah Kalungi.

Cindy said she is not willing and will never appreciate Sheebah for the music battke because the truth is that she is not the one that organize.,

Sheebah appreciated me on her pages, which is okay, but there’s no need why I should do the same. She didn’t invite me to join the battle, Victoria University offered me the platform not her–Cindy, Musician