Cindy Sanyu jealousy about gov’t supporting Eddy Kenzo’s Federation

November 23, 2023
Uganda Musicians Federation

Uganda Musicians Federation

Singer and Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu is jealousy about government supporting Eddy Kenzo’s Federation.

She said it is not fair that other artistes are not supported yet they are all doing the same thing.

When Eddy Kenzo created his own federation, Cindy Sanyu wasn’t happy because UMA has been existence but hasn’t done anything big.

For the time Eddy Kenzo has had his own federation they have been so many meetings between him and government officials.

There is rumour making rounds on social media that Eddy Kenzo and his federation have received money from government

According to Cindy Sanyu, it is true Eddy Kenzo has received money from government to help musicians.

Cindy asks gov’t to stop funding Eddy Kenzo’s Musicians Federation

She said she is not happy about it because she has been working so hard and she feels musicians deserve better than that.

Cindy Sanyu said what the government is doing is divide and rule nothing else because if it was something big, all musicians would be helped despite of where they are.

“18 Billions from the government to musicians. The speculation, states that it’s unfair to support a few musicians and leave the rest. It is just the strategy is to divide and rule the industry,” Cindy Sanyu said