Chris Evans In Fear As Brisher Kash Unleashes Her Army To Threaten Him Over Mary Bata | VIDEO

September 8, 2022
Chris Evans and Brisher Kash

Chris Evans and Brisher Kash

Singer, Chris Evans Kaweesi is living in fear after Brisher Kash unleashed her social media army to threaten him over fellow singer, Mary Bata.

Chris Evans and Brisher Kash have been dating for over three years but this year, Mary Bata came in the mix. Word started making rounds that Evans and Mary Bata were even planning an introduction.

This week, Chris Evans was celebrating his birthday and Mary Bata surprised him with a cake and gifts.

Mary Bata

Brisher Kash did not show up and instead wished Chris Evans a happy birthday on social media.

When clips leaked on social media of Mary Bata delivering a cake to Chris Evans, Brisher felt bad and unleashed her social media army to threaten Evans.

In an interview with Bukedde, Evans revealed that he received messages and calls from Brisher’s fans and friends who threatened to squeeze him if he doesn’t marry her.

Evans was shocked by Brisher’s acts and advised her to up her game and copy Mary Bata’s tactics. He argued that a social media message was not enough for his birthday.

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