Chameleone Reconciles With Clever J, Gives Him Cash – WATCH VIDEO

February 7, 2020

Clever J with Jose Chameleone

It was fun and happiness yesterday after Jose Chameleone stormed the stage at Comedy Store while Clever J was performing and gave him cash.

The pair have been beefing since 2005 after Clever J used the late AK47 and stole him beats from Chameleone’s studio.

Upon seeing Chameleone on stage, a surprised Clever J ran out of words and stopped the show. He asked his backup singer, “Who brought him on stage? Was that him (Chameleone)”? separate his money. Where has he gone? let me look for him)”

After he moved off stage and looked for Chameleone and brought him back on stage.

Chameleone told Clever J that he came specifically to watch him perform. “I was behind, when i heard you sing, I came”.

“Am happy to see you, praise the lord, I have looked for you everywhere. People were telling me that you bewitched me”, Clever J told Chameleone.

After exchanging words, the pair hugged amid crowd cheers.

Watch the video below: