Chameleone Escapes As URA Officials Take His Toyota Land Cruiser V8 From His Seguku Home – WATCH VIDEO

April 13, 2020

Jose Chameleone standing on top of Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Uganda Revenue Authority enforcement officers today stormed Jose Chameleone’s home in Seguku and took his Toyota Land cruiser V8, registration No. SSD 499B.

Yesterday there was drama outside BBS TV as singer Jose Chameleone clashed with URA officials over claims that he failed to pay taxes after the purchase of his white Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

The mayor 2021 hopeful was intercepted as he headed to perform live on TV and exchanged bitter words as the URA officials demanded he produces documents for his car.

Chameleone told the enforcement officers that the car documents were at his home in Seguku.

Today, with the help of the security forces, URA officers stormed Chameleone’s home in Seguku and took the car to URA head offices in Nakawa.

Chameleone’s car at URA offices in Nakawa

Luckily enough, the ‘Baliwa singer managed to escape and disappeared in thin air.

Watch video of URA enforcement take Jose Chameleone’s car:


How did Chameleone acquire Toyota Land Cruiser V8?

According to events promoter Balaam Barugahara, the car that is a 2016 model is registered with a South Sudan number plate and payable ranges from Shs100M onwards.

It should be remembered that Jose Chamelone didn’t buy this car as it was given to him by Achai Wiir a businesswoman in South Sudan after he recorded for a wedding and also performed at her wedding.

Last year the same car was involved in an accident in Busia where he had gone to perform and it was reportedly terribly destroyed and abandoned there. I was just recently when he brought this monster back on the road and if you see him a lot on the road, it is the only car he currently moves in.

Check Chameleone’s car impounded at URA offices: