BURSTED! The Girl In Viral S** Tape Is Not Tik Tok Queen, Azziad Nasenya – SEE PICTURES

April 23, 2020

Since this week started, pictures of a girl with hair style and skin color similar to Kenyan Tik Tok queen, Azziad Nasenya have been making rounds on social media.

Many had started speculating that Nasenya’s ex-boyfriend wanted to revenge on her by releasing the sex tape.

However, we have landed on the intel that the girl in the sex tape is not Azziad Nasenya, but another light skinned girl with tattoos and hair style similar to the trending Tik Tok queen.


The girl in the sex tape

We can authoritatively say, the person behind the circulation of these pictures is aimed at tarnishing Azziad Nasenya’s name.

Azziad Nasenya came to limelight after she released a Tik Tok challenge dancing to Femi One and Mejja’s song, ‘Utawezana’

Azziad Nasenya