Bukedde TV Sack Sack ‘Oluyimba Lwo’ Presenter, Ajiswag, Replace Her With Ben

February 6, 2020

Bukedde TV has sacked Ebonies actress Ajir Nabukenya a.k.a Ajiswag who has been presenting ‘Oluyimba Lwo’ program.

Ajiswag who replaced Flavia Namulidwa that was sacked because of her strong ties with People Power, was told to step aside after she failed to meet the set targets.

Inside sources say that ‘Oluyimba Lwo’ which used to be the among the biggest programs on Bukedde TV started losing viewership which forced the management to swing the axe.

Sacked: Ajir Nabukenya

“Oluyimba Lwo’ used to be so big during Namulidwa’s time but, management was forced to let her go after she refused to denounce People Power. When they brought Ajir, viewership dropped. It seems viewers didn’t like her”, An insider revealed.

Ajiswag will be replaced Ssuna Ben ‘Owensasage’ who presents ‘Bukedde Butya’ on Bukedde FM.

Suuna Ben