Bruno K’s Ex Dorah Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl

February 7, 2024

Singer Bruno Kigundu’s ex girlfriend Dorah has finally welcomes their child a bouncing baby girl.

This comes months after they exposed each other on social media yet people didn’t know they were even dating.

Dorah said Bruno K dated her and he started asking money from her to do his own things. One of the things he used with the money was provide for some of the children he has.

She said she was okay with it not until she got pregnant and the singer abandoned her for good.

Dorah said in the beginning it was very okay but later Bruno K started talking bad about her and claiming she scammed him for a pregnancy.

Although Dorah said she doesn’t want anything to do with Bruno K, she keeps updating people on social media with the process of her pregnancy.

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Even after giving birth she decided to tell some of the bloggers and even sent them photos to post on social media.

It is not clear if Bruno K is in the life of the child or if she is just by herself as a single mother.