Bruno K Officially Ventures Into Massage, Men Restless | PHOTOS

August 17, 2023
Bruno K

Bruno K

Bruno K, real name Bruno Kiggundu has officially ventured into massage, a thing that has left men restless.

Bruno K has been struggling with singing career and earns a lot from influencer gigs thanks to his huge following on social media pages.

His friendship with NTV ‘Akawungeezi’ and ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ presenter, Faridah Nakazibwe has kept him in the news.

Most of Bruno K’s gigs have been from Spas and massage parlors. Having realized that these Spas make a lot of money, he has decided to venture into the business.

Photos accessed by Routineblast show Bruno K massaging a female client, a thing that has left netizens whispering.

Bruno K is a renowned eater and some men have started tight-marking their babes not to go to the singer’s Spa.

Bruno K massaging
Bruno K showing massaging skills