Bruno K Gives Valid Reasons Why Men Usually Dump Women

July 8, 2024

Talented singer Bruno K has given reasons why different men end up dumping their women even after years of being together.

The singer is one of the men that has struggled with women in his life. Most of those he has been involved with have exposed him on social media especially after getting pregnant and giving birth.

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Bruno K got to a point of denying one of the children saying he is not sure about them. To fully accept the child was after the DNA was done to prove that he is actually the biological father.

According to Bruno K, the problem is always ladies and if they learn to keep their mouth shut, it will be okay for all of them to work through the relationship and get everything sorted out.

“My brothers, pick women who know how to tame their lips. Women who just don’t open their mouths fwaaaa. See how Chioma kept her mouth shut when people were accusing her man for cheating on her. Guess what she came out with a ring on finger. Most of you ekibalemeseza abassaja mwasama nyo Atte social media ebamazemu. One simple problem with your Man U run to social media noyasamila ensi yona. Those social media Inlaws don’t give a shit about your problems. The wise men say “asilise teyejusa” there so many wars you will win by staying silent. That’s the weapon our great grand mothers used. Every time you come to social media and u start lamenting you are subjecting your self to mockery from strangers ate weswaza because each word you say about your man won’t be withdrawn. Kati what if mumala nemwedila nga watokomoka omugambo? Instead of coming to social media find people in your circle to speak to family elders, friends. These will be better than us social media inlaws. Fe aba social media twagala violence we dont want to help you. Ba Mada muyige okusirikako,”