Boy Child Cornered By New Bae To Abuses His Exes After Feasting On Sweet Meal | VIDEO

January 20, 2023
Boy child after feasting on sweet meal

Boy child after feasting on sweet meal

Internet has burst into flames after a video of a boy child being told by his new bae to abuse his exes after a heavy sweet meal.

After a sweet meal, the new babe switched on a camera and asked the boy child to dismiss his exes.

Being powerless with the sweetness still on his brain, the boy child did not waste time and started abusing his ex-girlfriends.

From the talk, the new bae sacrificed her time and went to Luzira to check on the boy child during his time in jail.

Buli mukazi gwe nali nkwanyeko ono ye mukazi wange, yambelerawo. Abasigade mulinga etako.

Boy child

It is said that after a sweet meal, a girl child can make the boy child pledge what he can’t provide.

Some men have pledged cars, houses in the name of sweet meals.

We advise the girl child that ‘Gwe wooma, osirike’.