BONKING TIME! Golola Moses Shows Off His New House, Now Looking For Bae – WATCH VIDEO

February 5, 2020

In December 2019, Harris International Ltd, the manufacturers of Riham Biscuits, Sodas and Rock Boom Energy, gifted their Ambassador, Golola Moses with a house.

They handed him a plaque with an artistic impression of the house.

Harris International handing over the plaque to Golola Moses in December 2019

As we speak the house is almost ready for occupancy and the motor-mouthed kick-boxing champion could not hide his joy.

He thanked the management of Hariss International for granting him his long vested wish and said he will use the house to look for a woman to prepare him porridge.

“With this huge beautiful kitchen, I now need a wife who I will teach how to cook very good porridge, I don’t know who that woman will be. Also, I will use this kitchen to teach people all over the world on how they can cook the best porridge,” Golola said.

Watch the video: