Big Eye Starboss explains how Bobi Wine’s hug felt to him

November 7, 2023

Big Eye

Contravertial singer Big Eye Starboss real name Ibrahim Mayanja has explained how he felt after receiving a big hug from National Unity Platform,(NUP) president.

Big Eye met Bobi Wine last week as he officially welcomed him to his political party National Unity Platform (NUP).

This happened after so many trials of him leaving the ruling party that he was previously supporting because fans had started giving him a very hard time.

He wasn’t allowed to perform at any concert anywhere as fans would pelt him with bottles and send him off the stage.

Recently, Big Eye Starboss decided to join the opposition political party National Unity Platform (NUP) so that he can get back to his music.

While opening up National Unity Platform (NUP) new iffices, Big Eye was also invited as a member to attend.

He was given a special welcome from the president himself and other members because it was his first time to be at an official event of NUP.

Bobi Wine called Big Eye in the congregation, hugged him and told him that he is welcome and he should feel at home.

Big Eye Starboss saw it as a dream come true and up to now he speaks about it like he was dreaming.

“I saw Mr Kyagulanyi genuinely smile at me and when we hugged he told me something very dear, he told me I should feel at home,” Big Eye Starboss