Bebe Cool Surprises Jose Chameleone On His Birthday With A Cake – SEE PICTURES | WATCH VIDEO

April 30, 2020

Gagamel Entertainment CEO, Moses Sali has surprised his nemesis Jose Chameleone on his birthday by paying him a visit!

Chameleone who is celebrating his 41st birthday today, was shocked to see Bebe Cool storming his compound in Seguku with a cake.

Chameleone was overjoyed seeing a man who helped him in Nairobi as they launched their music careers defy the Coronavirus social distance and visited him on his birthday.

As the pair entered and relaxed inside the house, Bebe Cool revealed that his wife Zuena baked a special birthday cake for Jose Chameleone.

Chameleone thanked Zuena for the generous heart.

After a private chart, Chamili brought Bebe Cool’s cake outside and cut it with his dad, mum and other friends.

Watch video as Bebe Cool surprises Jose Chameleone with a cake on his 41st birthday


See pictures below:

Chameleone and Bebe had spent some good time without visiting each other over political and musical differences.

Chameleone teamed up with Bebe Cool and supported president Museveni in 2016 presidential elections and even recorded ‘Tubonga Nawe’ song for him featuring other artistes.

Later, Jose Chameleone left and joined Democratic Party (DP) and declared his intention to contest for Kampala Lord mayorship in 2021 general elections.

Chameleone and Bebe are still fighting for music supremacy; of recent the ‘Baliwa’ singer said ‘Big Size Extra Large’ sings childish music.

Bebe also hit back and said Chameleone sings funeral songs.

Last week while on one of the local radio stations, Chameleone said that Bebe Cool is not at his level musically.

But, despite all the differences, they have respect for each other.