Banjo Man Speaks Out On Relocating His Family To The UK

March 18, 2024
Banjo Man

Banjo Man

Banjo Man real name, Henry Ssentamu has clarified on the talk of relocating his family to the UK after word made rounds that the former Fire Base singer ‘Yabomba’.

At the beginning of March, Banjo Man and his family flew to the UK and the singer shared photos together with his brother, Bobi Wine in Crystal Palace.

While analyzing issues during Saturday’s ‘Talk and Talk Show’, Jenkins Mukasa revealed that Banjo and his family relocated to the UK for greener pastures.

Banjo Man with Bobi Wine and a friend in the UK

Banjo dismissed the talk, took to social media and clarified that he went on holiday and will soon return to Uganda to focus on his real estate business.

Banjo’s message on Facebook

According to inside sources, His family will remain in the UK so that they have a bright future compared to that in Uganda.

Since Bobi Wine declared his intentions to run for presidency of Uganda, his family members have been at unease. It is said that Nyazi Ssentamu also relocated his children abroad.

Banjo Man reaped big from side hustles and boasts of series of commercial rentals in Kampala.