Bad Black Wins Battle And Gets Covid-19 Advert Cash – WATCH VIDEO

June 20, 2020

The self confessed prostitute, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has finally won the battle and pocked millions of cash for Covid-19 advert following two weeks complaining.

Bad Black says on April 29th, she was approached by Kisembo Ronex Tendo of Precision Media acting as an agent of Ministry of Health and asked her to record a paid advert sensitizing the public about the dangers of Covid-19 especially for the prostitutes who interact with truck drivers.


She was told they were going to arrange for her a meeting with president Museveni whom she would discuss the amounts for the advert.




After one and a half months of empty promises, She contacted her lawyers, Musangala advocates and solicitors served the Attorney General notice of intention to sue, demanding 550m in 14 days or drag the government in the courts of law.

She also took to social media and called out Ministry of Health officials to pay her the money. Unfortunately, the ministry disowned her by issuing a statement she recorded the advert voluntary and never entered an agreement with her.

Balaam and Full Figure with Bad Black and her lawyers

When she threatened to quit NRM and cross back to People Power, NRM diehard, Balaam Barugahara and presidential advisor, Jeniffer Full Figure approached her and asked her to withdraw the case.

Today, she signed an agreement in presence of Balaam and confirmed she has been paid and showed off a sealed box she claims it was full of cash.

The money was contributed by the supporters of NRM.

Watch Video: