Here Is Why Lil Pazzo Has Chosen To Be With Irene Ntale Over His Wife

July 4, 2024

Singer Lil Pazzo is not keeping up with his old life after getting month that he has always wanted to get.

He said he loves his wife and mother to his children Faridah but he also thinks it is important to be with someone he liked most in this case it is Irene Ntale.

Irene Ntale never used to be friends with Lil Pazzo. He just started getting obsessed with her saying that ever since he got money he realized that there are beautiful women.

Previously Lil Pazzo was struggling with his wife. When he got sick she is the only person that was their for him making sure he gets fine as fast and gets back to the studio.

According to the singer, his wife is very happy with where he is. He said she doesn’t have a problem with him having another woman after all he is a Muslim man.

Irene Ntale And Lil Pazzo Determined To Get Married, Unbothered By People’s Comments

He said that he did everything for her and even bought land in the village. She is now living her best life and even doing what she likes most which is having a church of her own.

“I don’t know why people are worried about my wife but she is okay. She has no problems with whatever is going on with me and my life. She knows I am hajji so she is okay with any choices I make about my relationships. She is now a pastor and living her best life,”