Bad Black eats her words, apologizes to Acram and Kulthum for second time

June 8, 2023

Socialite and prostitute Namuyimbwa Shanita aka Bad Black has eaten her words. She has apologized to Dr. Kulthum and her husband for fhr second time.

Bad Black started the war on this couple on social media calling them villagers, fake and school dropouts.

That didn’t sit well with Acram specifically, he replied to Bad Black and the fight started from their.

Bad Black abused Dr. Kulthum in the process and they ended up reporting her to Police. She lied about fleeing the country and Kulthum posted on social media again forgiving her.

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Bad Black apologized through social media but according to Acram that wasn’t enough. He demanded for another aplogy in 24 hours.

In fear to be arrested, Bad Black decided to honour Acram’s request again and she apologized to Kulthum and Acram.

She said she has done all she has done because of the late Sheikh Muzaataza. She said if it wasn’t because of him, she would never apologise to Acram.

Here is the video: