Azawi denies being pregnant

March 18, 2023

Swangz Avenue artiste Azawi has denied being pregnant like the way rumors has been going around all over social media.

Azawi has been so quiet for some months without appearing in the media not even releasing new music for her fans.

People have been wondering what could be the problem, what is stopping her from being active yet she started with so much energy.

Even the photos Azawi has been posting on social media for her fans have been showing only her top part of the body.

With all the suspicion, fans started speculating that the singer might be hiding the pregnancy that’s the reason he is not appearing anywhere and showing her whole body.

At first it was Azawi’s manager trashed the rumors and at the moment it is Azawi herself who has come out to trash the rumors.

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According to Azawi, she doesn’t understand why people would spread fake rumors about her pregnancy. She said people are not serious because they should be looking for money at the moment but not rumors.

“I am not pregnant like the way people are saying. I don’t understand where people get time to spread rumors yet others are looking for money “ Azawi said

In early days, ladies especially those in the lime light feared to give birth because of their body. But right now women are busy giving birth and getting in shape in a very short period of time.