Ashburg Katto Threatens To Drag Bobi Wine To Court | VIDEO

December 7, 2020
Ashburg with Bobi Wine

Ashburg with Bobi Wine

Social media blogger, Ashraf Katto aka Ashburg Katto has threatened to drag Bobi Wine to court over online television, Ghetto TV.

Ashburg started Ghetto TV when he was still with Bobi Wine and People Power.

After he crossed to NRM in May, Ghetto TV social media platforms were hacked into and confiscated by unknown people.

People Power decided to abandon the old social media platforms and created new ones, reinstating Ghetto TV.

Balaam with Ashburg Katto and Ray Supasta after crossing to NRM

This annoyed Ashburg, the brain behind Ghetto TV.

On Sunday, Ashburg confirmed that he will sue Bobi Wine for taking over his online Television.

Ashburg said he registered the Ghetto media company years back.

“Ghetto media, Radio Television are all in my names. I have already reached out to my lawyers and I am taking Bobi Wine to court for taking over my Platforms,” he said in a live social media post.

Since joining NRM, Ashburg has been vocal claiming Bobi Wine is unfit to lead Uganda.

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