Another Babe, Amber Accuses Daddy Andre Of Bonking Her Live In Studio And Conning Her 3m

March 25, 2020

After Nadia Rania took to national television and pinned Daddy Andre of sexual harassment, another babe, Amber Christ Movie (Facebook names) has also come out and accused the multi-talented producer/ singer of bonking and conning her.

Amber claims she went to Daddy Andre to record a song, but the ‘Sikikukweka‘ singer bonked her live in his studio as he promised to do his best.


On top of the live bonk, Amber claims she also paid Daddy Andre Shs 3m but blocked her without giving her a song.

Amber says she has proof of Daddy Andre bonking her without a condom and threatens to sue him if she finds out that the multi-talented producer infected her with any disease.

She says she wants her money back or else she is going to expose him on television.

Amger also labeled Daddy Andre, a user, womanizer and a lier.