Angry Jose Chameleone Almost Beats Up Manager, Fortunate Bijou

April 11, 2020

News coming in indicates that Jose Chameleone almost thumped his manager, Fortunate Bijou earlier this week as the Mayanja brothers fought.

The Mayanja brothers; Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso had visited Bijou’s home in Kyanja and got drunk.

It is said that when Weasel got drunk, he started trolling Pallaso calling him a broke nigga.

Pallaso had accused Weasel and Chameleone of not fully supporting their elder brother, Henry’s t-shirt business under his branding company Fling Fire.

When the verbal exchange got nasty, Bijou intervened and told Weasel to cool down and leave Pallaso. This angered Chameleone who was on Weasel’s side and charged towards Bijou, luckily her boyfriend, Islam saved the day.

Bijou’s boyfriend, Islam

But Chameleone warned Bijou never to interfere in his battles with his brothers and walked away angry.

When the war ended, Weasel got home and torched one of Henry’s T-shirts on Instagram and captioned “I don’t deal with dirty minds”.

L-R: Weasel, Bijou and Jose Chameleone