Angry And Tearful Bajjo Goes Bonkers, Brands Ugandans Stupid, Wants Coronavirus To Kill Them All – WATCH VIDEO

April 2, 2020

People Power diehard, Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo has gone bonkers, branded Ugandans stupid and calls on Coronavirus to kill them all.

Bajjo who was shading tears appeared high as he attacked Gen. Tumuunde branding him ‘Museveni agent’ and urges Bobi Wine never to accept him in People Power struggle.

He also called on Coronavirus to kill president Museveni, his bodyguards and all stupid Ugandans.

Bajjo who seemed so angry over unknown reasons, said this is a wasted generation and wants it perished.

He sounded racists as he attacked ‘Banyankole’ who he accuses of living at an expensive of poor Ugandans.

As Routineblast we condemn Bajjo’s outburst and refer him to Butabika Hospital for mental check up.