Alien Skin’s ‘Sitya danger’ concert gets Abitex demoted from Promoter’s association leadership

July 6, 2023
Balaan (L) with Abtex (R)

Balaan (L) with Abtex (R)

Famous events promoter Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex has faced demotion from leadership of Uganda National Promoters Association as a punishment.

This came after he staged the sitya danger concert on the same date as Pallaso’s love fest concert which was organized by his deputy Balaam Barugahala.

As the promoters association, they have rules that they go by to keep everyone in check.

One of those rules is a promoter is not supposed to stage a concert on the same date with a fellow promoter especially in the same area.

But Abitex didn’t go by that, he adamantly staged the sitya danger concert of Alien Skin and even bragged about it as he was thinking he is punishing Pallaso.

Both concerts filled up the venues but still promoters were not happy and they waited for Abitex in their meeting to give him the punishment he deserves.

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As the president he would have known better but unfortunately he didn’t. That made him lose his position although.

Promoter Balunywa explained in detail why Uganda National Promoters Federation (UNPF) removed Abbey Musinguzi from his position as the federation’s president.

“We have a rule that doesn’t allow promoters to have concerts on same date in one area. Abitex didn’t go by that he staged the sitya danger concert. That wasn’t the only problem but we went by that to demote him,” Balunywa said