Alien Skin Takes Back His Statement, Vows To Continue With His Music Career

January 2, 2024
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Contravertial singer Alien Skin has taken back his statement and has vowed to continue with his music career this year 2024.

When Alien Skin started trending he was very unruly. He said no one needs to claim his success because he struggled to get where he is by himself.

The singer started getting issues with different stake holders in the entertainment industry. One of them was journalists and fellow musicians.

When he was questioned, Alien Skin revealed that people shouldn’t mind about him because he is in the music industry for a very short period of time.

He announced that at the end of 2023 he will call it quits in the music industry and focus on other things like politics.

Talented Alien Skin even started his own political party known as Fangon Unity Platform (FUP).

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As the year 2023 was ending, Alien Skin revealed that he is no longer leaving the industry. He said he will continue with his music and he will be releasing music every month.

The singer said he was born to become and artiste and there is no reason he is going to give up on that when his fans are always demanding for new music.

“I am not going to leave the music industry as I had said. 2024 is my year and I can’t wait to give my fans the best of the best. I will be releasing music like never before this year,” Alien Skin said