Alien Skin Apologizes To Abitex, Asks Him For Some Favours 

March 12, 2024
Balaan (L) with Abtex (R)

Balaan (L) with Abtex (R)

Singer Alien Skin has finally apologized to events promoter Abitex asking him for some favours.

He said he would want to work with him again because ever since he left it has been so hard for him to do his work.

Alien Skin and Abitex used to be close friends but they had disagreements that ended their friendship in no minute.

It was about money and who works with who and when that  be became a very big problem to the two of them.

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By the time of their separation, Abitex lost millions of money of the Nkwancho festival that was about to happen at some point.

According to Abitex, Alien Skin is not going to make so much money like he used to dinners he pays his money back.

He said an apology is not enough, needs money to make it work for them and her back on the same page like they used to do.

Alien Skin also said he doesn’t have all the money but he is willing to pay little by little until it’s done but they need to be friends again.

“Today I called my friend Abitex to tell him that I miss him so much and I wants us to be friends. I know he demands me money but I am willing to pay it back but in bits until it’s done,”