AGAIN! Harmonize Accused Of Plagiarising Mr Nice’s Song

January 27, 2020

Bongo flava artiste Harmonize has landed himself in trouble yet again after legendary Tanzania singer Mr Nice accused him of stealing his beats for his latest song Hainistui.

The accusation comes two months after Kenyan producer and singer Magix Enga accused Harmonize of sampling the beats of his Dundaing hit song featuring King Kaka for his hit Uno without his permission.

Magix Enga gave Harmonize a seven-day ultimatum to pull down the song from his YouTube channel but the bongo flava star didn’t heed the call.

With the snob, Magix Enga was forced to issue a strike with the YouTube team and the song was immediately pulled down.

Mr Nice


Magix Enga


Being his first single since his nasty departure from Diamond’s WCB Wasafi records, Harmonize wasn’t going to mess up the hype, buzz and vibe the song had created.

He was forced to swallow his pride and reached out to Magix Enga sorting out the issue and the song was allowed back on his channel three days later.

But even with that, clearly Harmonize didn’t learn his lessons as he went ahead to sample the beats of Mr Nice hit song King’asti, and used them in his third solo since ditching WCB, Hainistui released three weeks ago.

“Harmonize has sampled my beats without my approval. It hurts. It’s like when you got this child you love in the family then he/she goes ahead to still from you” An irritated Mr Nice, who released King’asti 13 years ago, blasted him.

However, Mr Nice hasn’t specified what action he is going to take against him. Harmonize’s manager popularly known as Mjerumani, has also appeared to confirm that indeed the singer sampled the beats and the two artistes are currently trying to iron out the issue.

“Hiyo taarifa ipo na mimi niliiona kwenye mtandao mmoja ila inashughulikiwa lakini siwezi kukuambia imefikia wapi kwa sababu inawahusu watu wawili. Ni jambo la msanii ma msanii, sasa sioni kama ni busara kuweka wazi kwenye media,” Mjerumani stated.