Zari The Boss Lady To Shoot Ladies That Come Around Her Hubby Shakib

June 21, 2024
Zari and Shakib

Zari and Shakib

Socialite and successful business lady Zari The Boss Lady has threatened to shoot the ladies that come around her new husband Shakib Lutaaya.

She said that they all need to be informed that she is a serial killer and she doesn’t take any chances when it comes to her husband.

Shakib and Zari have been married for one year now but they don’t have any child. They said they have known each other for years but they were friends in the beginning.

According to the socialite, when ladies see her on social media with her husband they think that it is easy and they will be happy when they have her husband.

She said that there are different occasions where ladies have come around her husband in her presence. When they are out, they usually come and twerk hard so that he can see them and it is disrespectful.

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Zari said that the whole world know that she is married and they know her husband. She said that she will have to teach them a lesson if they can’t understand that married people deserve respect.

“Ladies out their need a reminder that I am married and you’re my husband. They need to know that I am a serial killer and if they continue to twerk around you I will have to pay them back,”