Zari Orders Choppa To Delete Page He Opened In Her Name As She Parades Young Dude

May 5, 2022
Zari and GK Choppa

Zari and GK Choppa

The contract between Zari Hassan and South African money bags, King GK a.k.a GK Choppa seems to be over and as we speak the Bosslady is sketching her next move.

Choppa and Zari publicly started dating in January this year. The Loss lady flew from Pretoria and met Choppa in Durban.

King GK a.k.a GK Choppa with Zari
King GK a.k.a GK Choppa with Zari

They had dinner together and one would see chemistry on their first date.

From the look of things, Zari was up to something as Choppa chased fame. He posted their date photos on his Instagram but Zari did not.

During the recent concluded fasting period, Zari chased Choppa from her house and told him she wanted space.

Due to obsession, Choppa had opened up a Facebook page ‘Zari boss lady fan club’, Zari asked him to change the name.

Will be nice if you change the name of the page from Zari to something else. Thank you

Zari told Choppa
Zari's response to Choppa
Zari’s response to Choppa

From the look of things, Choppa’s journey must be coming to an end.

Word has it that Zari is now dating some young loaded chap and they were spotted as Laparoni.

Zari with a young lad