Zari Manager Anthony Finally Finds Love

Zari with her manager Galston Anthony

Zari Hassan, South African-based Ugandan socialite is excited for her manager Galston Anthony who is expecting baby number two with his new woman.

Anthony revealed that his first marriage did not work but he and his first wife sired a son, Riley Anthony.

He is now expecting second son, Rome Anthony and he couldn’t contain himself but took to social media to write;

“I found a love, for me—singing. Considering how much of a sentimental person I am, moving on and forward was not easy journey. I have been single for nearly 3 years (yes time lies) and i thought it’s time for me to find someone who will be by my side. Although i still go through certain challenges pertaining my previous marriage particularly parent alienation all i know i will never stop fight to see my first born Riley”.


In another message, he shared a photo of him and his woman, holding her baby bump by the beach and wrote;

“I have earned many honorable titles, but being a daddy is by far my favorite one. my son @Riley. AnthonySA always wanted a baby brother. I’m happy to give one with a woman i will spend many years to all my life with”.

With excitement, Zari Hassan shared how pleased she is to be an auntie;

“Love wins-I miss both of you. I’m excited to be a auntie”.

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