Zari Exposes Ex-Friend Norma Mngoma, Brands Her Fake

Zari and Norma Mngoma

Zari and Norma Mngoma

Zari took matters into her hands and exposed former friend, Norma Mngoma – estranged wife of disgraced South Africa Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba.

This was after Norma Mngoma appeared on Lasizwe‘s YouTube show ‘Drink or Tell the Truth’ and claimed that she ghosted Zari because the Bosslady was gossiping about her.

I stopped talking to her and she started texting me asking…and then I unfollowed her and deleted pictures. And I’ve never said anything about her, until today

Norma Mngoma
Norma Mngoma

Our friend that we hooked Zari with told me what Zari said about me while they were in Zimbabwe. Zari said I must stop talking to you (Lasizwe). So I decided to ignore Zari and take your side. I didn’t like a friend that was honest only in my presence but in my absence, you’re not. I didn’t feel the need of explaining myself. I distanced myself

Norma Mngoma added.

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Upon hearing Norma’s claims, Zari Hassan took to her Instagram vowed to expose her estranged friend, Norma.

An angry Zari branded Norma fake and claims she was only hanging around her for fame.

The Bosslady said she used to tag Norma in her social media posts to help her get followers but she turned against and started gossiping behind about her.

L-R: Norma Mngoma, Lasizwe and Zari

The mother of five revealed that after they parted ways, Norma started making TV appearances smearing her with dirt. Zari says this was the reason as to why she cut off most of her friends because she was fed up of living a life full of drama and fake people.


I’m living a drama free life because I no longer hang with fake people like you. You were here for the likes and followers.

Everytime I tagged you, you got excited when you got followers like a kid in a candy store. The real reason behind my breakup with you was more than what you’re gossiping for TV clout.

I’m the last person you want provoke. Norma I will expose you, I will strip you naked. Don’t come for me unless if I have called for you.

your ex husband will be shocked if he was married to a mahosha or a wife. Come slow sis, I don’t do drama, I burnt that all building. I no longer live there. Peace.

Zari’s Insta post about Norma

The boss lady went on and mocked Norma in her other IG story where she shared a picture of herself laughing, with the caption, “It’s the fake laughs for me on such a low budget show…smh!”

Zari mocking Norma

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